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William Clayson, 1840–1887.  Emily Rachel Middleton

children of the house of israel.edit(1).

Children Of The House Of Israel

This hymn was written to remember the responsibilities of the house of Israel during the last days. This hymn was included in a live Facebook broadcast hosted by Quire Notes.  A special Thank you to those who sang.

*Christine Knowles Monson.  Emily Rachel Middleton

the lord has brought zion again.embed ws

The Lord Has Brought Zion Again

This entire hymn is based on Doctrine & Covenants 84:98-102.  The intent was to create a way to “sing” this scripture as referenced in D&C 84:98 “...and with the voice together sing this new song…”.  A special thank you to Christine Knowles Monson, who created and sang the melody for this hymn. 

George W. Warren, 1828-1902.   Emily Rachel Middleton

our beautiful nauvoo.embed ws.jpg

Our Beautiful Nauvoo

This hymn was written during a visit to Nauvoo, IL.  Inspired by the journals of my early saint pioneer ancestors.  Dedicated to the pioneers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Joseph J. Daynes, 1851–1920.  Emily Rachel Middleton

his kingdom will in glory reign ws.fixed

His Kingdom Will In Glory Reign

Considers the millennium and second coming of Christ. A special thanks to those who sang for the recording- Jennica Harris, Samuel Madson, Jin Madson, Lillian Madson, Chuck Middleton

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