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Music: Martin Luther, 1483-1546.    Lyrics: Emily Rachel Middleton, Angie Mae Killian

A King Was Born In Bethlehem.jpg

A King Was Born In Bethlehem

A Christmas worship song. 

George Careless, 1839-1932.  Emily Rachel Middleton

the earth was still that easter morn.hc2

The Earth Was Still That Easter Morn

This hymn was sung as a musical number during sacrament meeting.  The message reflects appreciation for the Atonement.   A special thank you to the Garden Ridge Ward choir. 

 Benjamin Carr, 1768–1831.   Emily Rachel Middleton

wsimage hearthstone.jpg

Come To The Hearthstone

Written in appreciation for the harvest and to remember our many blessings. Coming to the hearthstone represents coming unto Christ.  Historically the hearthstone of a home was a place of gathering for warmth, rest, safety and restoring of nourishment for the body and spirit.   A special thanks to those who sang for this recording- Jennica Harris, Samuel Madson, Jin Madson, Lillian Madson, Chuck Middleton.

Anon, ca. 1861.  Emily Rachel Middleton

the battle hymn of the republic addition

Battle Hymn of Republic-Added  Verses

These additional verses recognize Christ as our Savior and King. These verses intend to expresses that all people are, and always will be "united as one people" in Christ.  A special thanks to for promoting over 500 views of this hymn. 

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